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The green miracle will prolong youth



Many women in the struggle for youth buy expensive creams and ignore the available products, which have unique properties to maintain beauty. One of these miracle products is peas. Regular green peas are a rich source of vitamin B1, which strengthens the nervous system, contains a lot of magnesium, zinc and p...

Kendrick | 06.06.2023 19:56:33

A nugget weighing 7.85 kg was found in China



Photo: Burmakin Andrey/Rusmediabank.ru Ethnic Kazakh Berek Savut, who lives in China, in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, while grazing cattle found the purest nugget weighing 7.85 kilograms and worth 255 thousand dollars. As the shepherd says, the ingot lay on the surface of the earth and was 20 cm long. T...

Kendrick | 05.06.2023 18:07:55

The answer to the crisis in the United States is a bill of "zero dollars"



In response to the financial crisis, a zero-dollar bill was printed in New York. The author of the banknote was not the Treasury, but the famous American artist and designer Laura Gilbert, disappointed by the fall of the national currency. On the official website of the artist posted information that the b...

Kendrick | 04.06.2023 21:51:14

From overwork to alcoholism is one step



Do you need to work? Absolutely! Another question is how deep it is necessary to go into work with your head. Experts say that workaholics tend to drink alcohol more than others. And very soon they degrade, turning into alcoholics. An experiment was conducted that gave scientists the right to say that ...

Kendrick | 03.06.2023 14:44:10

Tatyana Dogileva needs surgery



The capital's doctors from the Center for Cardiovascular Surgery, having examined Tatyana Dogileva, made a verdict: an operation is necessary. Otherwise, she could not avoid either frequent headaches or fainting, because of which Dogileva turned to the Center. Ultrasound of the vessels of the neck, conducted by doctors, showed that Tatyan...

Kendrick | 03.06.2023 07:17:10

Boris Moiseev claims to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009



It became known that the singer Boris Moiseev applied for participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. Of course, the star intends to perform under the Russian flag. Although, according to the media, Boris was offered to represent the country of Ukraine and Belarus. But the singer showed patriotism and declared hims...

Kendrick | 02.06.2023 06:36:38

The Deceived Salma Hayek



The romance of actress Salma Hayek and businessman Francois-Henri Pinault became apparent only when the star announced her pregnancy. Then the couple promised to get married immediately after the birth of the child. But so far, nothing has been heard about the celebration. Fans of the actress are sounding the a...

Kendrick | 01.06.2023 05:09:18