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Tatyana Dogileva needs surgery



The capital's doctors from the Center for Cardiovascular Surgery, having examined Tatyana Dogileva, made a verdict: an operation is necessary. Otherwise, she could not avoid either frequent headaches or fainting, because of which Dogileva turned to the Center. Ultrasound of the vessels of the neck, conducted by doctors, showed that Tatyan...

Kendrick | 03.06.2023 07:17:10

Boris Moiseev claims to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009



It became known that the singer Boris Moiseev applied for participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. Of course, the star intends to perform under the Russian flag. Although, according to the media, Boris was offered to represent the country of Ukraine and Belarus. But the singer showed patriotism and declared hims...

Kendrick | 02.06.2023 06:36:38