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Tatyana Dogileva needs surgery



The capital's doctors from the Center for Cardiovascular Surgery, having examined Tatyana Dogileva, made a verdict: an operation is necessary. Otherwise, she could not avoid either frequent headaches or fainting, because of which Dogileva turned to the Center. Ultrasound of the vessels of the neck, conducted by doctors, showed that Tatyana Dogileva had a clear narrowing (stenosis) of the carotid artery on both sides. The actress thinks that all her illnesses are a payment for fame. She told doctors that sometimes "you have to pay too much for popularity. And all due to the fact that in each contract with an actor, enterprising producers prescribe a mandatory condition for a 12-hour working day. "When the doctors," says Dogileva, "who snakeed me, found out how much I worked, they were shocked. They told me bluntly: "This is not a job, but suicide." Probably, there is some truth in the words of doctors - a few years ago, Dogileva was diagnosed with pancreatitis, better known as cat of the pancreas.

Kendrick | 03.06.2023 07:17:10