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Boris Moiseev claims to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009



It became known that the singer Boris Moiseev applied for participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. Of course, the star intends to perform under the Russian flag. Although, according to the media, Boris was offered to represent the country of Ukraine and Belarus. But the singer showed patriotism and declared himself as a Russian participant. Now Moiseev will have to wait for the decision of the commission, which is currently reviewing not only the existing candidates, but also the songs they have announced. It is known that Moiseev's song is called "Bambina". The performer himself worked on its text in collaboration with the poet Dmitry Mers, and the music was composed by Anatoly Lopatin, a fashionable sound producer who has recently made a lot of noise because of fashionable tracks for Alla Pugacheva, Lolita and other stars. His popularity, however, does not guarantee that Moiseev will be allowed to participate in the competition. "The other day I submitted an official application, it was accepted and signed," says Boris himself. - But it turned out that not everything is so simple. First, only the song is considered, and then the performer. I don't know, maybe the song will pass, but I won't." Well, it won't be long to wait for the commission's decision. In the meantime, Moskovsky Komsomolets sarcastically comments on the situation, noting that if Moiseev reaches the semi-finals of Eurovision, then "Russia has a chance not only to become a hospitable hostess of the contest in May, but also to heartily please the cheerful (in the original translation into English - gay) Europe no less than it was pleased with the trans diva from Israel Dana International, the travesty trio from Slovenia "Sisters" or the conductor of the mixed rat with a star on her head Verka Serduchka from Ukraine. "

Kendrick | 02.06.2023 06:36:38